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Mauricio Cardenas

Mauricio Cardenas has been employed in the insurance industry for over 30 years. Beginning as a district agent for Prudential Insurance Company in 1987.

In 2007 Mauricio established North East Risk Management LLC. which specialized in the underwriting of commercial motor vehicles.  

Specializes in commercial auto, truck insurance, motor truck cargo, general liability, excess auto liability, workers compensation, and insurance in general. Also developed a large homeowners book of business which he continues to grow through different marketing avenues. 

Just completed the AAI (Accredited Advisor in Insurance) first segment A designation and is continuing his studies on segments B & C to complete is AAI designation.

Silas Donaus

Silas has been with North East Risk Management since 2018.

He is property and casualty licensed.

He is involved in obtaining new accounts for commercial auto, truck insurance, motor truck cargo, and general liability. He is also involved in marketing insurance products to the transportation sector.

Sharon Juliano

Sharon has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years.

started with North East Risk Management in 2007, working as the office manager, and bookkeeping. Over looks Premium Financing of Insurance Polices for commercial auto, trucking, general liability, motor truck cargo, and workers compensation. Is responsible for premium audits.        

Sebastian Cardenas

Sebastian has been in the insurance industry since 2017. He handles claims, customer service, premium payment assistance, and client relations.  Ha has developed knowledge in the trucking insurance market, by exposure to the insurance carriers and different client scenarios. He also is involved in developing different marketing ideas for the agency.


Sebastian is in his third year of finance at Farleigh Dickinson University at the Madison campus.

Briana Santos

Briana started with North East Risk Management in 2016.

Through hard work, attending insurance seminars, and daily exposure to the insurance world, she has gained extensive knowledge in commercial trucking, and Homeowners insurance products. She provides product support to policyholders, and also helps maintain extensive premium payment service.


Briana Santos has been with North East Risk Management since 2016. She has extensive knowledge in the commercial trucking industry and prior customer service experience. She provides product support to policyholders and assists in administering automated payment services.

Jose Luna

Jose has been employed with North East Risk Management since 2015. As an insurance underwriter, he serves as the main link between insurance producers and the company. Furthermore, Jose has experience in evaluating the risk and exposure of potential clients. He has extensive knowledge in underwriting Commercial Primary Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, Excess Cargo, Excess Liability, Physical Damage, General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Property Insurance. He is also the lead claims representative. Jose is experienced in managing all types of insurance claims from minor fender-benders to major disasters. Jose is fluent in Spanish.

Brian Olivo

Brian has been in the insurance business since 2019. He has dedicated his focus on small contractors, and commercial auto insurance. He brings with him an extensive client base, from his previous accounting position.

Jordan Gyger

Jordan has been involved in the insurance industry for that 4 years holding various positions including client development. 

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